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Portrait Campaign for Chase de Vere

I took on a commission for financial client Chase de Vere who wanted some of their real customers photographing for a marketing campaign. Portraits of genuine customers were essential to the integrity of the campaign so they avoided using models and instead persuaded several customers to appear.

I travelled throughout London and the home counties for the best part of a week, meeting with them and photographing them in their homes. It's always slightly unnerving, photographing a person in a place you have not been to before, especially if it's the person's home, as you don't want to cause too much disruption and tact is a priority. Not one of the was below the age of 80 so I really didn't know what to expect.

 I've never known hospitality like it. They were all such friendly people and were all excited to be in the campaign. One lady even wrote me a thank you letter. A letter. In the post. Remember those? I'd jump at the chance to do it again. Here are a few highlights: