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London Carriage Works Kitchen Photography

I love photographing kitchens in action. I've shot behind the scenes of everything from Harry Ramsdens to Michelin star chefs. I'm in awe of chefs and each time I do this I cannot fail to be in the way. The pace is fast, these people are busy, highly focussed and could really do without somebody shoving a lens in their face. The problem is i like to get close. This has pissed a few off over the years but most are patient and understanding.

After I recently photographed their new menu, the team at Liverpool's legendary London Carriage Works were thankfully very accommodating. The day i arrived, we had to stop as they were just too busy, the whole team in the kitchen working on a critical banquet for a large party of VIP guests that evening. My presence there wasn't helping and there was nowhere for me to hide. Probably a good call. 

I returned a week later for a more regular service and shot Head Chef Dave Critchley and the team in action whilst not causing any lasting damage. I wanted a really gritty documentary feel to it so went for a nice grainy black and white. A few samples below.